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the Green Path

Univest introduces a realm of green and sustainable solutions that redefine culinary performance while reducing waste. Our R&D department is constantly working towards our efficiency and environmental responsibility, delivering the ultimate culinary experience for your business and the world around us.


Sustainable Solutions

Our thoughtfully crafted product ranges lead the way with unparalleled energy, gas, and water efficiency, setting a new benchmark in sustainability within the industry. 


Reduced Carbon Footprint

Univest’s collective efforts in optimizing resource usage and adopting sustainable practices have led to an impressive reduction in our carbon footprint.


Energy Efficiency

At Univest, we take pride in our energy-efficient manufacturing processes, which have led to a remarkable reduction in our carbon emissions over the past five years.


Green Innovation

Univest’s commitment to green innovation has led to the development of energy-efficient equipment models that use up to 25% less energy compared to conventional counterparts.


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