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We're not just meeting standards,
we're setting new benchmarks

Univest Professional extends its vision to provide comprehensive solutions with well-rounded hot and cold lines. Our hot lines offers an array of top tier professional kitchen equipment, ensuring chefs have the tools they need to bring their culinary visions to life. Equally important, our cold lines boast refrigeration solutions that preserve the freshness of ingredients and enhance food safety, enabling chefs to explore their creativity without constraints.


Cooking Equipment

Modular 700 and 900 series cooking equipment including fryers, grills, cook-tops, baine maries, tilting pans and boiling pans.


Refrigeration Cabinets

Top-tier refrigerated cabinets including upright, undercounter, salad-tops, and cold rooms.


Preparation Units

Heavy-duty preparation units including work tables, sink units, cupboards, shelving units, and trolleys.

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