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Over 30 Years of Mastery


Univest is a member of United Investment Group and a pioneer in the production of catering equipment with over 30 years of mastery. Specialized in catering equipment, Univest dedicates its R&D team of expert engineers to advancing the catering industry. Believing that specialization is the key to perfection and that genuine parts make exquisitely functional products, Univest chooses its parts and materials only from world leading suppliers in the industry. Adopting world class manufacturing and management techniques, Univest ensures on-time delivery, consistent exceptional quality, and committed after-sale service.


Our product portfolio extends from heavy to light duty equipment and includes imported equipments from reputable brand names in the industry and locally manufactured equipments at our factory located in 6th of October City.

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We believe that the exceptionality of our group lies not only in the fact of the superior quality we provide, but in the incomparable customer care experience one finds.

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